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As someone who has been watching porn for years, I have seen my fair share of professionally produced content. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the high-quality production value and stunning performers in mainstream porn. But there's just something about amateur porn that has always caught my attention. It's the raw and real aspect of it that makes it so appealing.

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And if that's not enough, HomeMoviesTube also has a feature where you can upload your own amateur content. That's right, you can become a part of this thriving community and share your own sexual experiences with the world. How liberating is that?

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Finding good porn to jerk on, while you're horny as fuck is one of the toughest struggles. Every person has their own personalised preference, like teen or milf, BDSM or passionate lovemaking etc. Everyone has a different flavour of sexual fantasies and getting all of them on a single site takes at least ten minutes daily before you start jerking off.


Some well-known popular porn sites do have a diverse collection of porn, such as Pornhub, Brazzers, Naughty America and Xvideos. Comparatively, other sites have hidden gems but are not so well known. Watching porn is an alternative to sex for us. To fulfil the physical need, your fantasies and kinks are supposed to be satisfied in the first place. When your mate makes you cum, it means they pulled the right cord sensually. In the case of porn since it is a substitute for real sex, the criteria remain almost the same.


Today I’ve something that would be very useful for you. Stop wasting time searching for your preferable porn on usual porn sites. What if I tell you there are plenty of sites that exactly have videos according to your preferences? For instance, if you like MILF, just hit on the best milf porn sites. But also, there are so many 'not-so-popular' genres of porn that you can not find possibly anywhere.


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One of those unpopular genres is FemDom. Psychology says most guys are either Dom or Switch on the bed. Even guys who are switch mostly prefer dominating their girls sexually. On the contrary, most girls prefer to be Sub, if not switch. So, it seems like there is a perfect balance, but in reality, there isn't. FemDom is another rare preference among guys. It refers to female dominance. Guys who are into FemDom, or prefer it, love to dominate sexually, sometimes brutally by their partners. In short, it is the unpopular side of our favourite BDSM.


If you search for FemDom porn even on the best porn sites, you would still be disappointed. But it’s not true that the genre or the people who prefer it doesn’t exist. I have encountered such people on a personal level. I think the issue is not only sexual here, but psychological too.  Femdom is rare for the same reason, for which missionary is the most common and popular position. The root of sexual dominance is somewhere closely linked with psychological dominance too.  


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